Import-Export of Chemicals-Fertilizers-Consumables-Engineering Products & Projects, Across The World

About Us


Nooradosa General Trading L.L.C is Dubai based company engaged in import/export of various Chemicals / Fertilizers / Finished engineering products as well as Consumables viz., cereals, pulses, spices, and packed products from across the world.

We also provide procurement assistance to the projects for sourcing various quality engineering products through our network.

Company is registered with:

D U N S Number 561436080

Limited liability company established in Dubai U.A.E.

Company is Established by a court agreement signed & sealed in Dubai Courts

Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industries

Dubai Customs

Dubai Municipality

With all other relevant Govt. Institutions in U.A.E.

Director General of Foreign Trades in India (DGFT)

Work Reference:

Sulphur from Bahrain, U.A.E. & sold to India, China, Pakistan, Kenya, Korea etc

Petroleum Products & by products & sold to India, China etc

Scrap Ships from sold to Pakistan

Brass Scrap from Amsterdam & sold to India

HMS 1 & 2 from CIS, Russia, Europe, Africa, Djibouti & sold to India & Pakistan

Vegetables & Fruits from India & supplying to U.A.E., Iraq, Saudi Arabia & Malaysia

Nickel Silver Scrap from U.A.E. & sold to India

Aluminium Scrap from U.A.E. & sold to India

Copper Cables from U.A.E. & sold to India, Germany, China

Lead Ingots from U.A.E. & sold to India

Zinc Ingots from U.A.E. & sold to India

Used Lead Battery from Africa & sold to Pakistan

Paper Scrap from U.A.E. & sold to Pakistan

Plastic Scrap from U.A.E. & sold to China, Pakistan

SMLR & HMLR sold to Pakistan

Building Materials from U.A.E., China & sold to India, Kuwait etc

Sugar from India, Brazil & sold to U.A.E., Kuwait

Rice from India, Pakistan & sold to U.A.E., Kuwait

Ductile Pipes & Fittings from China, USA & sold to Iraq, U.A.E.

S. S. Pipes from India & sold to Kuwait

Garments from India, Pakistan & sold to U.A.E.

Cleaning Products from India, China & supplied to U.A.E., Kuwait etc

Chrome Ore & Iron Ore sold to China

Aluminium Foils from U.A.E. & sold to India

Computer & Accessories from U.A.E. & sold to Kuwait

Ammonium Nitrate from Uzbekistan & sold to India.

Import & Export of Chemicals, Fertilizers, Consumables, Engineering Products & Projects, Across The World