Import-Export of Chemicals-Fertilizers-Consumables-Engineering Products & Projects, Across The World

List of Products

Oil Filed Chemicals

Shale Control
Gel Asphatex (Sulphonate Asphalt)

Weighing Agents
Gel Bar (Barite API)
Gel Carb (Ground Marble)
Gel Bar (Barite OCMA)
Spotting Fluids
Gel Free W (Weighted Environmental Friendly Stuck Breaker)
Gel Free N/W (Non Weighted Environmental Friendly Stuck Breaker
Gel Det (Drilling Detergent)
Gel Rig Wash (Rig Wash)
Gel Pac RG (Polyanionic Cellulose Regular, Technical Grade
Gel Ben (Bentonite Ocma)
Gel Tex CP (Natural Polymer)
Gel Cmc HV (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose High Viscosity)
Dispersants and Defloculants
Gel Lig (Caustic Lignite)
Gel Cr (Chrome Lignite)
Gel K Lig (Potassium Lignite)
Gel Cfd (Chrome Free Defloculant
Amine Treated Lignite
List Of Pipe And Fittings And Valves Supplied
RCC Hume Pipes of NP3 Class Confirming To IS 458
HDPE Pipes Conforming To is: 4984, IS:7634, IS:7328 and Fittings As Per IS:8360 Part 1-3
GI Pipes Conforming To IS 1239 With All Necessary Fittings Such As Bends, Unions Flanges Clamps, Fixtures, Etc.,
Ms Pipes and Fittings
Cs Gate Valves/ Ball Valves/ Gear Operated Valves/ Plug Valves/ Non-Return Valves/ Thermal Relief Valves with Gaskets And Studs& Bolts Confirming To ASTM A 193 B7 & A 194 2h
Elbow, Bends, Tees
CONC Reducers

Import & Export of Chemicals, Fertilizers, Consumables, Engineering Products & Projects, Across The World